DELL Byte Corseca DM5710BT Rechargeable Stereo Bluetooth-Wireless Headphone Mic

Brand: Dell

Product Code: DM5710BT

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Price: ₹:1,499.00
Ex Tax: ₹:1,499.00

Enjoy wireless freedom and yet make a high style statement with the Bluetooth Stereo Headset from Byte Corseca. This device is bluetooth enabled and provides wireless connectivity to your mobile phones, laptops, PC, PDA or Bluetooth enabled music player. Now you can take calls, listen music, chat on skype etc wirelessly. Also, it allows you to easily play, pause or skip your music without even reaching out for your music player. This headset comes with a noise-cancelling feature and is highly portable, foldable too. With all these features and more this Bluetooth Stereo Headset is sure to turn around lots of heads





  • Provides maximum portability Wirelessly
  • Allows you to enjoy stereo music from all A2DP-enabled devices
  • Automatic remote controls on the headset allow you to play, skip and select your music tracks.
  • Offers 10mtr Range


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