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Magic Scarf is an ALL-IN-ONE scarf, that can magically changed to a dress, a hat, a skirt, a shawl, a vest, a cape, a gown, a hood, a halter.It is a whole NEW innovative way of wearing a scarf! The versatility of the scarf makes it a great accessory for travel and for unpredictable weather. If you're not sure what to wear, just grab a magic scarf.

What is the fabric?

Magic Scarf is made from 100% Nylon. This delicate fabric is durable, stretchable, easy to clean and very light to carry around and can be easily transform to the style as you desire.

Length: Normal 150cm, max stretchable 190cm 
Width: Normal 10-12cm, max stretchable 75-80cm


How do I clean my Magic Scarf?

To maintain the softness and fluffiness of the scarves, hand wash in a basin of tap water with mild detergent will be recommended. Rinse, then press water out; do NOT wring. Place on countertop to air dry. When scarf is dry, hold it in the middle and shake it to fluff it out.

Important: As these Magic Scarves are delicate. Do not bleach or industrial detergent and do not put it in a dryer. Washing machine with delicate fabric mode and/or with a laundry bag is acceptable, but please use it with caution and make sure you wash it with COLD water only!


Tips on maintaining your scarf:

1) Shake it 3 times before use to maintain the elasticity of the scarf

2) Hand-wash Refereed

3) Do not dry wash

4) Do not pull the fibers of the scarf

5) Be careful of zips, rings or anything that will hook your scarf


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