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2 Styles 6 Colors Neon Stud Rhinestone

₹:1,406.00 Ex Tax: ₹:1,406.00

GOYESTORE New 2 Styles 6 Colors Neon Stud Rhinestone Fushion Nail Art DIY.....

3 Pieces Nail art Painting Brush

₹:549.00 Ex Tax: ₹:549.00

100% Brand New & High Quality     Total Weight: Approx.17g.     Color: Turquoise     Average Length (Three pens in different length): Approx. 13cm.  &...

3 Striping Liner Nail Art Pens Brushes

₹:2,011.00 Ex Tax: ₹:2,011.00

Features:Brand New & High quality.Set of 6 nail art brushes in 3 different sizes at an amazing price.Ideal for drawing lines on nail tips.Eeasy to handle and operate.Suitable for professinal and home use.Size : 13-17...

3d Batterfly Bowknot Bow Tie nail art

₹:2,120.00 Ex Tax: ₹:2,120.00

Features: 100% Brand New.Quantity:10Weight:4.0gGreat for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art LearnerIt Make Your Nails Look Elegance and SpecialEasy to apply on natural or artificial nailsClean the surface of y...

3D Design Nail Sticker for girls

₹:271.00 Ex Tax: ₹:271.00

  3D Design Nail Sticker for girls    .....

4 Jars BLACK Mini Ball Beads

₹:1,949.00 Ex Tax: ₹:1,949.00

  4 Jars BLACK Mini Ball Beads NAIL ART 3D Decoration In Jars with Bonus Golden B   .....

4 Step Buffing Block Shine Nail Buffer

₹:1,704.00 Ex Tax: ₹:1,704.00

Provides supreme high gloss to natural or acrylic nails Professional 4 sided buffing block 4 in 1 buffing block that allows you to smooth buff and shine nails all in one tool - step 1 : File nail edge- step 2: remove rid...

60 Pcs Nail Art Crystal Flower

₹:1,639.00 Ex Tax: ₹:1,639.00

  60 Pcs Nail Art Crystal Flower For Tips .....

8pc Dual Sided Nail Art

₹:3,005.00 Ex Tax: ₹:3,005.00

  BMC Super Cute Turquoise 8pc Dual Sided Nail Art Brush and Dotting Tool Set   .....

Acrylic Liquid for Nail Art Powder

₹:1,190.00 Ex Tax: ₹:1,190.00

Quantity:  1 bottle 120ml Acrylic liquid Liquid volume:120ml e 4 floz Size of Bottle:95mm(H)X63mmX32mm Weight: app 130g Use together with Acrylic Powder to create Fantastic Nail Design   A bottle of...

Acrylic Nail Art Tip

₹:1,638.00 Ex Tax: ₹:1,638.00

100pcs Dual Nail System Form for Uv Acrylic Nail Art Tip.....

Acrylic Primer for Nail Art

₹:1,073.00 Ex Tax: ₹:1,073.00

1pcs New Acrylic Primer for Nail Art 0.5 oz C-23.....

Artificial Flower Nails-24pcs

₹:700.00 Ex Tax: ₹:700.00

ImPress Press On Manicure Artificial Flower Nails-24pcs.....

Beauty Tool Skin Care

₹:385.00 Ex Tax: ₹:385.00

100% brand new and high quality   Smooth, soft and full, give extraordinary coverage for the face with this facial mask brush.   Easier to use around those hard to reach and smaller sections of your face, such...

Buffer Buffing Block Sanding

₹:200.00 Ex Tax: ₹:200.00

Description: Essential tool for Manicure. Orderly polishing and shining  the rough sides and smooth ones of your nails. Condition:100%Brand new and high quality        &nb...